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Castle Siege War

New name for the castle and zone that was created for Castle Siege War.
The Knights leader that controls Delos gets to collect taxes from Moradon and Delos.

Method for joining the castle siege war
a) There’s no separate registration process you have to go through. As long as you’re in a Knights with grade 4 or above, you can participate in the castle siege war.

Rules for Castle Siege War
a) The clan that takes control of the Artifact in the center of the castle will become the owner of the castle.
b) During the one hour castle siege war, the artifact will regenerate itself if it’s destroyed.
-When Clan A destroys the artifact, the artifact will be replaced by Clan A’s artifact. When clan B destroys this artifact, a new Clan B’s artifact will replace the A’s artifact. The clan that has its artifact in the center of the town at the end of the war time will become the owner of the castle.
c) This is not a war of the Knights but of the clans.

(1) Penalty
There’s no penalty in Castle Siege War.

(2) Spawn Point
The owner of the castle will spawn inside the castle. The invading side will spawn in a safe zone.
-You can use the resurrection skills(priests) to spawn in the same position.

Castle Siege War Zone (Delos)

The castle siege can be divided into following parts : Delos Castle, the battle field, and the Desert Fortress.

(1) Delos Castle
a) Inside the castle : The central place where the artifact is located. Has a door.
b) Castle gate : Any members of the clan that owns the castle can open the gate.
c) Artifact : The owner of the castle is decided from the artifact.

(2) Battle Field
a) The place where the actual battle occurs.
b) There are no monsters.

(3) Desert Fortress (Safe zone)
a) The place where you stand-by before the war begins.
b) Spawn point for the invading side.
c) Safe from physical and magic attacks.
d) The gates for Desert Fortresses are shut until war time.