Date 01/12/2018
Title Re-opened Knight Online Malaysia features

Dear Players,

As you know the original Knight Online Malaysia server was shut down in 30th of June 2007.

All the Knight Online players miss those old days. We have reopen the old free server Carnac of Knight Online Malaysia to end this longing.

Carnac is a Knight Online farm server with original features. The server is the same as the knight empire period in 2005-2006. Fixed the problems at that time. The old player experience was presented to you again.

Project Knight Ascension;
Original package v1298, Lvl 70 cap, original upgrade, drops, quests etc.


Experience : Level-up table has been updated. Level up to 3 times less required experience points. You'll earn 20% more experience points in the Colony zone.

Drops : Drop rates have been increased. Especially master items can be obtained more. Chaos stone was added to the Colony zone. When the stone is broken, there are 5 boss spawn around bowl.
You can access low and middle grade items easily with lotto item falling from all mobs.
Players who earn unique and high grade items will be announced to everyone.

Upgrade : Upgrade rates remained the same as before.
Successful upgrades over +7 will be announced to everyone.

Events and Quests : There are no new quest and events. There are only original tasks and events for the game balance.
The classic events as Castle Siege War, Lunar Gate War, Forgotten Temple and Boss events.

There is nothing to spoil the equality of users in the game. The power-up store is also configured accordingly.

There is an active anti-cheat in the game. There cannot be dupe, tbl hack etc.

The Knight Online Team