Date 02/06/2018
Title Re-opened Knight Online Malaysia features

Dear Players,

As you know the original Knight Online Malaysia server was shut down in 30th of June 2007.

All the Knight Online players miss those old days. We have reopen the last server Deimos of Knight Online Malaysia to end this longing.

Deimos is a Knight Online farm server with original features. We've been developing the server for quite some time and we believe we posses all the knowledge needed for a great server.
With full licence new anti cheat system (soacs) there cannot be dupe, tbl hack etc.

Knight Ascension original package v1298
Lvl 70 cap, original upgrade, quests, drops and drop rate


1) Level-up table has been updated. Click here for new level-up table.
You can a bit fast level-up.

2) Upgrade and drop notice system.
Players upgrade items (unique or +7 and above) or drop valued items, notification all online players for the system.

3) Chaos stone, this stone is located in the middle of the colony zone. When the stone is broken, there are 5 boss spawn around bowl.
Only master quest items bosses. (lobo, shaula, kekurikekukaka etc.)

4) New droplets sapphire(%3), opal(%7) and crystal(%10) for blood seeker (monster).
Blood seeker is located in the colony zone.


Several different events that Deimos is hosting are enough to keep you busy and focused on more things than just farm & exp.
The standard events as Castle Siege War, Lunar Gate War, Forgotten Temple, Border Defence War (quote v1453) & the rest of the in-game events such as Online User Rewards Event (new), Boss events.
Once you win the Border Defence War you will obtain a Ascent (exp) scroll and a Red Treasure Chest which you can exchange for a high class item.

The Knight Online Team