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No Restorations from the account.

We see that the responsibility of each player's accounts is your own. We believe that there are only these reasons to why accounts would need restorations.

Do not download any third party programs

It is proven that over 90% of this websites which hosts this third party programs which gives illegal advantage to players have been known to carry unknown key-loggers which are hard to search and destroy. These are one of the main causes that will put your account in danger as well as affecting the game balance of the game you are playing in which in time will have negative side effects to everyone playing it.

Scan your computer for key-loggers

This is the responsibility of all players to scan their pc's to keep their accounts safe from key-loggers from further damage. If you are playing in a cyber cafe, please make sure that the cyber cafe is safe from this, for example an auto rollback system or have daily clean-ups with an anti key-logger or antivirus software.

Do not hand out information of your account / share account

As mentioned before and mentioned a hundred times, please do not give anyone your account information. Scam cases are often related to this as players often hand over their account ID and passwords to other players which in hand, turn out to be not trust worthy people.

Do not use the same email account as you use in chat messengers

There have been numerous reported cases of players which had their account password changed. One of the causes of this could be that the victims have given their emails which are associated with their account.

Do not create "character" name similar to "Account ID"

For example, creating a character name in Knight Online named "Zeus" while "Account ID" is "Zeus". Having similar character names according to account ID's are not advisable as a person who is trying to login to your account might be able to login or change your password.

Change your password frequently

Yes this might be a little extra work to do, but keep in mind that this is a good way in keeping your account safe.

The above are steps which we hope will educate our community on the dangers of downloading such third party programs and to follow these steps which we have provided in keeping your account safe. It is the responsibility of all players to keep their account and computers safe from such threats as we do not hold the fault if such conditions or situations occur.


Trades are any items that are placed into the trade window and purposely given to another player, (by mutual agreement between the two involved players), regardless of the intent behind the trade.

1. Only exception given to a restoration is if the item is a consumable Power Up Store item which is "unused".

2. Non consumable items from the Power Up Store may also be reimbursed.

3. No Restoration will be given besides point 1. and point 2 under any circumstances.


Coins are any mediums (e.g. Coins, Silver Bars, Gold Bars, etc.) of exchange that players use as currency with merchants and other players.

1. Coins may not be reimbursed under any circumstances.

Destroyed Items

Items that are destroyed by using the Destroy option on your inventory screen in game

1. Items that are destroyed, intentionally or accidentally, will not be reimbursed.

Experience Debt

Varying amounts of experience are gained by killing NPCs or by doing quests and a debt is accrued upon death.

1. Experience debt will not be restored for any death caused by latency (a.k.a. "lag"), Link-Death, or other forms of disconnection.

2. If there is a known server-wide player drop, experience debt may be authorized..

3. Experience debt may not be restored for any death caused by NPC attacks or by enemy player.

NPC's/Corpses of NPC's

An NPC is a non-player character that upon death may leave a corpse in game.

1. Any disappearing NPCs, items or corpses of an NPC, may not be reimbursed after an investigation and at the discretion of a Game Master. However NPCs may not be spawned and items not looted will not be reimbursed..


When the server at some point has a problem linking the game to the database, no changes will be saved on the database. If a player is disconnected from the game, the database will not be saved and therefore once the user logs back in, the information taken from the database will be from the point before the link to the game was broken.

1. Only exception given to a restoration is if the item is a consumable Power Up Store item which is "unused".

2. Non consumable items from the Power Up Store may also be reimbursed.

3. No Restoration will be given besides point 1. and point 2.

Deleted Characters

Deleted characters due to hacked accounts or negligence can be restored regardless. If another similar Character ID existed after the original Character ID is deleted, the restoration cannot be completed. Therefore a report must be made within 24 hours to avoid such complications.

1. Character's item equipped and inventory will be empty.

2. Clan will not be restored. The character needs to join back the previous clan manually. However clan leader that lost the entire Knight Clan due to this will be given the Centaur Brain only (after the forming of the Clan's National Point equals to the required Knight Clan National Point) and no monetary restoration.

3. If all three characters were deleted, the warehouse/storage items will not be restored. Therefore this account will be totally empty of items and only characters are restored.

4. Characters will not be restored if the account currently have three available characters. One of the three characters must be deleted in order for previous deleted characters to be restored. The system will not allow more than three characters in any account.

Deleted Characters

Premium Services will not be restored under any circumstances.

Knight Cash Points

No restoration of Knight Cash Points will be compensated in under any circumstances.

Game Masters decision is final. No negotiations or pleas will be entertained.