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Penalty Guide

Penalty Guide

Below are KOL Penalty Guide:

Penalty First Offense Second Offense Third Offense
Violation of ROC No. 2, 3 and 4 Mute 3 days Mute 7 days Mute Permanently
Violation of ROC No. 18 Suspend 7 days, reduce 100 or or Account Ban Permanently
Violation of other ROC Account Ban Permanently
Violation of Naming Policy Voluntarily deletes in 24 hours, or it will be deleted by Game Masters.
Macro and Bot Character Ban 7 days Character Ban Permanently
Communicating with in game GM using rude language or spam messages Mute 3 days Mute 7 days Mute Permanently
Selling or Possession of Bug item, Dupe item, Hacked item or Stolen item Suspend 7 day for investigation
Account Ban Permanently upon conviction
Duping Item Account Ban permanently
In game scam player ID or item, after investigation and verify Account Ban permanent after investigation
Unassigned Violations Suspension until further notice for further evaluation
Usage of Third Party Program Account Ban Permanently