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Account Security Policy

As the population of Knight Online increases, so too do issues regarding stolen or compromised accounts, and/or accounts that have been transferred from one player to another in violation of the User Agreement. These issues--and the time it takes to investigate and attempt to resolve them--greatly detract from the time that game masters and customer support staff have to provide quality customer service. Accordingly, must remind all customers that:

1. Account security--whether it be password protection, running virus checks, disabling file sharing, not using third-party programs, or any other element of making sure accounts are not stolen or compromised--is the responsibility of the account owner.

2. Any and all stolen and/or compromised accounts that are reported to may be suspended in order to conduct an investigation. Lost items will generally not be reimbursed. Instead, a one-time restoration based upon information gathered through our investigation may be offered at the discretion of a Game Master (GM). However this offer is limited by the amount of time taken to report the compromised account. If the restoration-reporting period (7 days) has passed, then there will be no restoration or reimbursement available. Additionally, this restoration offer is treated as a one-time offer and will rarely be repeated. Should the account become compromised in the future, restoration of the character or reimbursement of items lost will be not offered as lightly as the first. Items and/or experience that are lost due to a restoration of this nature will not be reimbursed.

3. Any customer found to be involved in an account theft may have any and all of his/her accounts banned. This includes accounts found to have knowingly received items stolen from a compromised account. Prior to taking any action against accounts reported as compromised, we will conduct a thorough review of the accounts and determine the appropriate course of action.

Accounts will only face disciplinary action based on information gathered through our investigation and not as a result of external allegations.