Date [ Actual ]
Title Release Note : Patch 1329 up to 1335

In-game Updates

-Sundries added new items HP Rice Cake, Defense Rice cake, Speed Up Rice Cake, Attack up liquid medicine, Transformation scroll, Ascent scroll and all Snowmans. Price updates have been made in the sundries items.

-Transformation scroll problem fixed.

-Freemium (light premium service), redistiribution item, free beginner potions, armor and weapons are added for new players.

-Collection Race event was re-configured.

-Forgotten Temple event was re-configured. Now it is easier and everyone can participate. Laemith[Forgotten Temple] in Moradon.

-Border defense war activity added.

-Item Rental activated. Isutar[Item Rental] in Moradon.

-You can buy paper clothes as +5 grade. Jerede[Handmade Armor] in Moradon.

-Fixed the problem in El Morad Attila drop.

-Treant and Ancient mobs enchant scroll drop problem fixed.

-Mobs experience rates and drop rates have been revised. Experience points from the Colony Zone have been increased. You can earn 40% more experience points in total.

-Drop ratios for Opal, Sapphire, Crystal drop were regulated. (Any skeleton, smilodon, zombie, lycan, scorpion, mastodon varietie.)

Technical Updates

-Fixed starting launcher and login problems for Windows 10 !

-Skill balances have been rearranged according to original.

-Clan and user ranks will now be updated without resetting the game.

-Fixed an screen problem related to the player's ability to shoot the distance remotely.

-Skill hack protection complate.

-Anti-cheat updated.

Client Updates

- Magician 45 skill (inferno, blizzard, thunder cloud) has been modified. Looks like the old version. (v1264)

- New sky views

- New sidebar and exit menu

Power-up Store Updates

- Added new items Premium Potions HP/MP and Duration Item for power-up store.

-Ascent Scroll item deleted. Redistiribution item and Mount scroll prices have been updated. The experience points giving of Premium's are improved.

-Some store items' descriptions have been updated.