Date 01/12/2018
Title Re-opened Knight Online Malaysia features

Dear Players,

As you know the original Knight Online Malaysia server was shut down in 30th of June 2007.

All the Knight Online players miss those old days. We have reopen the old free server Carnac of Knight Online Malaysia to end this longing.

Carnac is a Knight Online farm server with original features. The server is the same as the knight empire period in 2005-2006. Fixed the problems at that time. The old player experience was presented to you again.

Utc, Krowaz, Chaos events and items in new versions are not available in this server. It will never be available.
The original features will be preserved. Improvements will continue in line with the demands of the players.

Experience, drop rates and item upgrade rates are arranged in a way that does not disturb the playability.

Events and Quests: There are only original tasks and events for the gaming playability. However, Border Defence War and Collection Race are added because the players want it.
Original events: Castle siege war, lunar gate war, forgotten temple, boss event etc.

In the game, the power-up store was structured in such a way that the principle of equality was not compromised and nothing was added to disrupt the playability.

Finally, we would like to announce to you our valuable players that there will be no situation such as database reset or server shutdown. Our server has been active since 07.12.2018.

The Knight Online Team