Game Guide To Power Up Store

What is the "Power Up Store"?

The "Power Up Store" is a in-game based online purchasing method used by gamers to buy consumable items to boost and increase the characters strengths in many ways. It helps players by providing them an edge over their enemies through increased hit points, stats and many more.


How do I purchase Knight Cash?

Visit this link for more information:
Nasil Knight Cash satin alabilirim?


How to Purchase Items:

Step 1. Log into the game.

Step 2.
Click on the P button to access the "Power Up Store".
Step 3.
Click on the "Buy" button to select the item you would like to purchase.
Step 4.
The selected item will be moved to "Buy" page as shown in the picture.
Step 5.
Click on the "Confirm" button to complete purchase.
Step 6.
Congratulations. Selected Item has been successfully purchased. Item will then be inserted directly into the players’ inventory.