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1. Experience If the bar graph is full, your level goes up.
2. HP Reduces with when hit by a monster or an enemy and fills up when sitting down or gets healed by a priest.
3. Detailed Exp The experience graph goes up one box when this box gets filled up.
4. Mp Reduces with the use of magic. Gets filled up when sitting down.
5. Location Your location shows up on the mini map with an arrow. Monsters are shown with a red dot and your party members are shown with a yellow dot.
1. Map Button It shows the location the map location of your character and shows the location of the monsters. (shortcut m)
2. Inventory Button Shows the items of your character. (shortcut I)
3. Character Button Shows the information of your character. (shortcut u)
4. Skill Button Shows the information of your skills. (shortcut k)
5. Attack Button Starts your attack. (shortcut r)
6. Jump Button You can change from walk to run form the auto-run state. (shortcut t)
7. Sit Button Set your character into sit mode. If you sit down, your mana (M P) and life (H P) fills up. (shortcut c)
8. Camera Button You can change the view and the location of your camera. (shortcut F9)
9. Trade Button If you push this button after clicking on a character, the trade window appears.
10. Invite Button If you push this button after clicking on a character, you can join party with him.
11. Command Button Insert default game command.
12. Exit Button Exit from game
Normal It is send only to the players nearby
Private Sent to only one player. It is does not send to other players.
Shout Your message is sent even to players far away. You lose your MP in this instance.
Party You can chat with your party members.
Clan You can chat with your clan members.
Ally You can chat with your ally members.
1. Information about the attacked blow.
2. Information about the damage you have taken.
3. Information about the object being attacked, ant the distance and direction of the object.
4. Information about the trade, party and one on one chatting.
5. Information about the possibility of using the item.
The trade window pops up if you click on a character and press the trade button or if you type “/trade” on the chat window.

You can drag and drop the desired items and Noa, and then if both players click on the trade button, the trade is completed.
1. If you go up to and right click on the merchant, a trade window     appears with the list of the merchant’s merchandise.
2. Drag and drop the item you want to deal, and deal by using the     arrow button.
3. If you are too far away or lack the sufficient money, you can’t buy     the item.
* To wear the item you have just bought, you have to close the trade    window and open the inventory window.
You can see the attack ability, defense ability, level, and other abilities of your character in this window.
You can check the required experience left in order to upgrade your level.
you can check the attack ability and the defense ability of your character.
Shows the ability to lift and the weight of the weapon your character is currently using.
You can distribute the 3 bonus points you are awarded when you upgrade your level.
You can see the various resistances of your character.
The resistance is only affected with the use of items.

You can see the items your character is currently using.
You can see the items your character currently possesses.

You can check the skills your character can currently use.
When you pass level 10 skill pointers appear, and you can distribute these skills the way you want to.

You can drag the skills that appear on your skill window and use it in the shortcut window.

Usage 1 (Use the mouse)
Use the mouse to use the skill you want.

Usage 2 (Use the keyboard)
Press the number of the skill you want to use. (The first one is number one and so on)

The help menu shows up when you press the F1 button.

The player can learn the basic usage and information about the game through the help window.