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[ 08/03/2019 ] Free nation change !
[ 07/12/2018 ] Begin a new journey!
[ 02/12/2018 ] Preparations are being made

[ Actual ] Drop List!
[ Actual ] Release Note : Patch 1329 up to 1335
[ 05/03/2019 ] What was done in the latest maintalence?
[ 01/12/2018 ] Re-opened Knight Online Malaysia features !

[ Actual ] Knight Event Schedule

We are doing our utmost best to crack down on security-related issues in Knight Online. We would like to remind players that they must be extra careful at all times and especially when logging into the game. To increase security and prevent potential spyware, keyloggers, back doors and other malicious programs, we recommend all Knight Online players to download and install Microsoft Anti-spyware software as found at:
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However any problem that may arise from the program are entirely the sole responsibility of the developer. The program is just a recommendation and it's not in any matter related or associated with Knight Online Malaysia.

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